Five Cities That Are Taking Steps to Reduce Air Pollution

Five Cities That Are Taking Steps to Reduce Air Pollution

The World Health Organization estimates that 90% of the population is exposed to polluted indoor air every day. There are many sources of pollution but the most prevalent ones include power plants, transport, crop burning and others. These activities produce a lot of harmful airborne contaminants, which can pose a great threat to human health. Statistics show that approximately 7 million people die prematurely each year from lung cancer, stroke, and heart disease.

Many urban areas are working to significantly reduce air pollution. They have banned fuel-powered vehicles and are working to reduce air pollution. Below is a list of five cities making great efforts to improve air quality.

1. Paris, France

Paris has made it illegal to allow vehicles into the city. Some areas have banned cars and given road space to pedestrians and trees. A significant decrease in Nitrogen dioxide levels has been observed as a result of the covid-19 pandemic. Vehicles are responsible for this pollutant. This pollutant is also responsible for many respiratory problems.

The city has also made more investments in its bike lane network. The mayor of Paris today wants to make Paris a place that is accessible to all. They want to make it so everyone can have access to all the amenities, even if they work for only 15 minutes.

2. Seoul, Republic of Korea

Seoul has launched powerful campaigns to combat air pollution. These campaigns have earned Korea a lot of attention around the world. To check the air quality, they are using five G-enabled robots that scan all industrial complexes. The satellite system also provides real-time data on air quality for the public.

The city leaders also have plans to create a “wind-path forest” in the Republic of Korea. For fresh air to be channeled into the city’s center, they are planting trees along roadsides and rivers.

3. New York City, United States of America

According to the news, New York City has also taken steps towards becoming eco-friendly. The authorities announced $1.4 funding to improve air quality. This will generate enough energy to power more than 400,000 homes.

It is, in fact, the largest project approved for investment into renewable energy. The project is expected to be completed in 2022.

4. Bogota (Colombia)

Bogota’s air pollution has decreased significantly due to the covid-19 lockdown. According to reports, the city took many initiatives to clean up the transport sector. According to the government, 70% of air pollution comes from vehicles.

5. Accra, Ghana

Accra is the first African country to participate in the BreatheLife campaign. The World Health Organisation, Climate & Clean Air Coalition and World Bank started this joint campaign.

This was, in short, a list of cities and countries that have taken great steps to clean up the air.

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