Inside-Information Regarding Your Motor Vehicle Accident Insurance Claim

Inside-Information Regarding Your Motor Vehicle Accident Insurance Claim

These are some “Inside-Infos” that you need to know in order not to be taken advantage of when you file a motor vehicle accident insurance claim. Also, SO YOU CAN COLLECT EVERY DOLLAR OWED TO YOUR VEHICLE!

The 8 following are “The Tip Of The Iceberg”.

#1. There are situations where you can collect for your “Lost Wages” even if you were paid by your employer and/or collected “Sick Leave” while unable to work.

#2. You can get money back and receive reimbursement for all non-prescription “Over The Counter” medication purchased during your recovery.

#3. Normal circumstances do not require you to consent to being examined by an insurance company doctor unless you have a claim that ends up in court.

#4. There are many instances when you can collect the “Gross Anmount” of your wages lost, and not the “Net After Taxes”.

#5. If you’re a housewife, you can often recover for “Lost Wages” (based on the “Value” of a maid or a domestic servant, who would execute the same work) which you could not perform due to the injury.

#6. If you can show that you were forced by circumstances to cancel a vacation or special event, you may be entitled to additional compensation.

#7. You may be eligible to file a claim and collect for a personal injury in certain circumstances, even if you have Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage.

#8. Your family members, friends, and relatives have the right to make statements that you can send to adjusters and/or anyone you feel should receive one. These statements will detail what happened to your body and what you had to deal (via your “Pain and Suffering”) during your recovery period.

These statements can often give you an even higher dollar value when it comes down to the calculation of and the final settlement of your personal injuries claim.



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