What Are Different Types of Spring Making Machine and Their Advantages?

What Are Different Types of Spring Making Machine and Their Advantages?

Spring making machines

One of those tools that is often underestimated is the springs. They are used frequently in our everyday lives. They are used in the clutches and brakes that allow us to travel in an auto-motor, as well as in calculating time in watches and measuring forces. There are many other vital uses for them in our daily lives. Hand-making springs takes a lot of time and energy, which can lead to unsatisfactory results or defective parts. Spring making has become easier thanks to technological advances. Spring making machines not only improved the spring’s performance, but also offered a wider range of spring types. Every detail can lead to a new type of spring, whether it is in size, material, number, or spacing between coils.

Different types of spring making machines

Different types of spring making machines are required to achieve different types springs. There are seven to eight types of spring making machines. The seven models we manufacture are available for customization.

  • FP-S1008 Computerized Spring Former

This spring former can be used to make springs using a computerized spring machine. The spring maker can make springs of any diameter, from 0.1 to 0.8. You can get a stable and accurate wire with the device’s wire feeding system. The spring maker machine has USB access. This allows you to upload a program file and save time.



  • FU-205 Potter cam spring forging machine

FU-205 uses a rotary disk instead of a rotary disc to increase production rates. Although this device can produce springs between 0.2 and 2.0mm, it cannot provide stable wire diameters. Because of its rotary gear, the device is very fast.



  • FV-210 8axes Potter Spring Former

These machines also have the rotary device mechanism which increases flexibility. Stable diameter wires are possible with this product. This device can provide thick to medium-sized wire diameters and cannot be relied upon for accuracy.



  • ODM-2000 Computerized spring forefather

ODM-2000 can be described as a computerized spring forefather. The cams can be used to control the timing and arrangement of each cut and slide. It gradually shapes the spring by using its shafts. Stable wires with a diameter of 0.2 to 2.0mm are possible.



  • ODM-R5S Potter Rotary Dispenser

This device is suitable for making shaft and cam springs. It is controlled by a servo controller. Two motors with different capacities are used to produce springs of 0.2-1.2mm or 0.42.0mm.



  • Potter Wire Forming Machine

This simple device is used to produce wire with diameters 0.2-2.0mm in a short amount of time.



  • SR-16X Super robot spring former

The SR-16X flexible spring-making device is equipped with the most recent technology. This device produces reliable wires and is accurate, fast, and precise.


Our spring making machines have many advantages

Since the 1990’s, our company has been working in spring’s fields and their manufacturing machines. We have analyzed the industry’s growth and determined our purpose in improving machinery with our experience. We believe in the highest quality products and client satisfaction. We are always striving to improve our knowledge and work.

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