Five Essential Questions to Ask About Your Business Competitors

Five Essential Questions to Ask About Your Business Competitors

Do you have an idea for a business? Or are you already a seasoned entrepreneur and want to know the key questions about competition. America is a nation made up of entrepreneurs. Small businesses provide the best work opportunities and are the most important providers of employment. To continue propelling the economy forward, we need great entrepreneurs.

You can’t create a successful start-up if you don’t understand the market and how it compares to yours. However, entrepreneurs sometimes don’t know how they should approach this task. It is important to know the right questions to ask.


  1. Who is Your Competition?

You should ask your competitors who they are. Although you might be new to the industry, it is likely that you are not. First, you need to find out who your competitors are and what their offerings are in terms of products and services. It’s also important to understand how they are positioned in the market. What would you look for in a competitor, their product or service?



  1. SWOT

After you have a clear understanding of your competitors, perform a SWOT analysis. List your strengths, weaknesses and opportunities, as well as the potential threats to your company in the market. Try to be objective and, if necessary, get third-party insights from trusted advisors. It is important to get outside opinions on your company and the offerings it offers.



  1. Differentiation

Consider your products and services within the context of your competitors’ offerings. Take a look at all of their services and products, even those you don’t plan to offer in your company. This will help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your products. You should consider how to improve your products if your competitors do something better than you or plan to. You can think of ideas and put them to the test in the market every chance you get so that you are at least one step ahead.



  1. Customer Relations

My companies’ success can be attributed to their commitment to exceptional customer service. For my team, it’s always about relationship-building, even with our toughest customers. As you assess your company, consider what your competitors are doing better for customers. This will give you the opportunity to offer it. Think about how you can create a customer relationship program that is unmatched by the competition.



  1. Price

You need to compare your products and services with your competitors when you are launching your products or services into the market. Is it possible to sell a product for a lower price, but is it still of high quality? What are you offering customers that will make them want to pay more for your product? It is important to complete the previous steps before you decide on the price. This will allow you to determine the best price for your product/service and support your reasons.


After answering these five questions, you will have a better understanding of your competitors and, more importantly, the vital information that will help position you in the market.


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